Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Take One Half Hour to Light a Candle

I have a lot of candles.  I have a lot of candles because I buy them and then never burn them.  I'm working on that.  As I'm having a few friends over later, I decided this would be a really good day to burn my yummy blueberry muffin candle.  It turns out last time I burned it, I burned it out.  So I decided to light a different one.  Half hour later, the new candle was lit.  Here's how to take a half hour to light a candle:

*Take candle jar for old candle into kitchen to throw it away.
*Realize you still haven't had lunch and throw something in the microwave.
*Start putting away the dishes that are washed by hand.
*Stir frozen lunch concoction and put it back in microwave.
*Finish putting away dishes and towels they were drying on.
*Decide to re-purpose the candle jar and take it upstairs.
*Take out the recycling.
*Decide to go get sweater because running the ceiling fan to dry the shampooed carpet faster has made the living room cold.
*While upstairs, decide to change out of clothes worn to volunteer project.
*Throw clothes in the washer.
*Go down to car to get item of clothing to add to laundry in washer.
*Start the laundry.
*Find sweater.
*Eat lunch while watching "Rules of Engagement" (or other 1/2 hour show of choice).
*Pause TIVO'd show of choice to answer phone call from Guy Pal (or other friend).
*Start putting away dishes in dishwasher while on phone.
*Hang up and realize Lean Cuisines are more of a snack than a meal.  Put bagel in toaster.
*Finish unloading dishwasher and reload if necessary.
*Eat bagel while finishing show.
*Realize you were going to light a candle.
*Light candle. (Bath and Body Works' Pomegranate Lemonade is today's choice).

And women wonder why we never get anything done!

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