Monday, January 12, 2015


Every year, I participate in the 30 Days of Gratitude on Facebook, in which I post one thing I'm grateful for every day for the month of November.  This year, I didn't do it on Facebook, but rather kept track on a piece of paper which was hanging on my closet door.  It's been hanging there ever since, until now, as I need the closet door space for a new challenge. 

Here are the things I was grateful for in November 2014:

11/01:  A roof over my head.
11/02:  A job that pays the bills.
11/03:  Not having to worry where my next meal is coming from.
11/04:  Having reliable transportation.
11/05:  Finally having someone listen when I really needed to talk.
11/06:  Having compassion towards towards others.
11/07:  Being able to reconnect with old friends.
11/08:  The unconditional love of dogs.
11/09:  A great turn out for a friend's baby shower.
11/10:  Having had Dad in my life for almost 31 years.
11/11:  The passage of time easing the hurt of losing loved ones.
11/12:  Music.
11/13:  Well wishes and check ups/check ins from friends (gum graft surgery).
11/14:  Sick days with pay.
11/15:  My best friend being here.
11/16:  Knowing I want more out of my life.
11/17:  Laughter.
11/18:  Not having bat shit crazy relatives.
11/19:  Being able to stay in touch via social media/technology.
11/20:  Food Bank and trivia nights.
11/21:  Not having to be anywhere on a dark and rainy night.
11/22:  Having a bucket list to cross things off of.
11/23:  Family-both biological and the one I created for myself.
11/24:  Easy access to books.
11/25:  Blessings in disguise. (Dentist appt being moved to Gresham meaning I didn't have to drive to Lloyd Center on the busiest day of the year).
11/26:  Aloe infused socks and Benadryl.
11/27:  Wanting to embrace the holidays again.
11/28:  Weekend getaways.
11/29:  Knowing that some times, it's okay to cry.
11/30:  Not having to drive home (from Everett) in the snow.

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