Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Pun Intended

Last Thursday, we launched our new website at work.  Somehow in the process of doing so, our e-mail spam server got messed up so things that aren't supposed to get through are.  This happens from time to time and it seems the amount of spam employees receive corresponds to how long they have been employed.  I am one of the newest (4 years on September 5) and I am spared from too many offensive e-mails.  (No "bamboo in my pants" for me!  Unlike some people).

I did get three this morning for Viagra (of course) that appeared to have been sent to me by me.  I buzzed my bosses' desk.

Me:  "How much longer am I going to send myself discount offers for Viagra?"
Male Boss: "It should be fixed tonight."
Me: "So just for today, then.  I'm not giving myself really good deals."
Boss:  "I have the official site.  81% (off)."
Me:  "Man.  Me too but I have two 45s and a 19.  I'm stiffing myself."

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I was so glad I wasn't in his office.  I don't think they have a name for the shade of red I would have turned.

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