Tuesday, November 30, 2010


At the beginning of the month, people started posting what they were thankful for on Facebook.  The goal was to post something everyday for the entire month of November.  I decided instead of posting them to Facebook, I would just write them down and post them here instead.  As I went through a very rough stretch this month, I found some days to be a lot harder to count my blessings than others, and as the month went on, I did notice a theme forming.  As the month comes to an end, I'm so glad to be able to say I really am blessed.

11/01:  I am thankful to have a job in this economy, working for a company I love.
11/02:  I am thankful the dogs did not knock over anyone's garbage cans on our walk today!
11/03:  I am thankful Mother Nature is giving us unexpected, unseasonably warm weather.
11/04:  I am thankful my life is relatively drama free.
11/05:  I am thankful for laughter.  It truly is the best medicine.
11/06:  I am thankful for being blessed to have had 8 years, 1 month and 6 days with James.
11/07:  I am thankful for all the cool people who have come into my life since James died.
11/08:  I am thankful for all the people who consider me a friend and want me in their lives.
11/09:  I am thankful to have a roof over my head.
11/10:  I am thankful to have been invited to share a milestone birthday with a new friend.
11/11:  I am thankful I organize a successful volunteer project through my Meetup group. 
11/12:  I am thankful to work for a company in which random conversations are the norm.
11/13:  I am thankful for my dogs.
11/14:  I am thankful I have not lost my sense of humor.
11/15:  I am thankful for my "little" brother, who would probably rather not discuss my love life (well, lack of anyway) ad naseum.
11/16:  I am thankful for inheriting such a great cousin from James.
11/17:  I am thankful for technology that allows me to express myself.
11/18:  I am thankful for my Facebook friends who seem to post inspirational quotes at times I seem to need them the most. 
11/19:  I am thankful for the opportunity to do fun things that only come from living in a big city.
11/20:  I am thankful for the ability to turn the oddest thing into a good time-like shopping for ugly Christmas sweaters at Goodwill with a good friend.
11/21:  I am thankful for supportive friends who know when I am not okay even if I try to say I am and don't let me get away with it.
11/22:  I am thankful that when it snows here it typically doesn't amount to much-and goes away quickly. 
11/23:  I am thankful for a boss who trusts me to work from home when I don't feel it is safe for me to drive to the office.
11/24:  I am thankful for Christmas bonuses!
11/25:  I am thankful for three very special friends who wanted to make sure I didn't spend Thanksgiving alone.
11/26:  I am thankful I am relatively healthy.
11/27:  I am thankful for seat warmers in the car.
11/28:  I am thankful for the perseverance to figure out how to do/fix things on my own.
11/29:  I am thankful for music and the many things it represents in my life.
11/30:  I am thankful to the readers of my blog.  It has been such a healing outlet for me and I still can't believe anyone actually reads what I have to say.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me heal!! 

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