Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Breaking the law?

I was driving home from dinner with a friend tonight and there was a whole string of cars pulled over. I thought it was a multi-car accident, but none of the cars looked damaged and all the drivers were in their cars. So, now I am wondering if a bunch of peeps got pulled over for talking on their cell phones without being hands-free, which is illegal as of yesterday. Because if you are going to break the law, everyone knows the smartest place to do that is while passing the sheriff's office. And if you don't know you are passing the sheriff's office, you really aren't paying attention, given that they didn't exactly make an effort to hide what that building is. (Yes, I am feeling more than just a bit sarcastic this evening. Nothing a little chocolate won't cure).

My new stoplight game is seeing how many people are breaking the new cell phone law. I figure since I will be sitting there anyway, I might as well have some fun. And at the right time of day, a lot of cars can pass you in the two minutes it takes for the light to turn green again. My tally for today is 5. Apparently not everyone got the memo.

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Sari said...

Oops! I hope they don't pass that law in my area.