Saturday, May 29, 2010


Dear Lowe's Employees,

Trying to avoid me will not make me go away.  It is your job to help me so when you blatantly avoid making eye contact in hopes I will ask someone else for help, I will simply use my words to get your attention.  The fact that this happened not once but 3 times was a bit overkill.  Is this part of the new training program?  The surprised looks followed by looks of relief when all I wanted to know was where I could find something I was able to name by name rather than vague description were amusing, however.  Not all women who shop there are stupid females sent by their husbands to get random stuff so we don't try to "help" them with whatever home improvement project they are working on.  Some of us actually know what we are doing in a home improvement store.  Some of us actually like to shop there.

On a positive note, the gal in the paint department was quite efficient and very friendly, which was a nice change of pace from the last several times I have purchased paint. 

Thank you,

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