Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trip to the dog park

This morning, I posted on Facebook I liked that the service man came at the beginning of the two hour window instead of the end as it meant I could do something today besides sit around and wait. A friend responded that now I could take the puppies to the park.

I thought "why not? It's too nice of a day to be cooped up inside feeling sorry for myself because I don't have anyone to spend this gorgeous day with." (Now that it's over 80, I have changed my tune)! So, after the bug man left and I ran a couple of errands, in an act of defiance, I loaded up the dogs and the camera and headed for the dog park located about 3 miles from here.

The dogs are 6 1/2 years old and this was their first trip to a dog park. Shortly after we got them, someone started leaving bits of poisoned meat in a dog park in Portland. When James saw the story on the news, he decided that our boys would never go to a dog park because it wasn't safe enough. I thought this was a bit excessive-it was only one park, and we wouldn't have taken them to a park in Portland anyway. The funny thing about this was that I am the one who has always been overly paranoid and obsessive when it comes to Sammy and Charlie. But, it wasn't something that was worth arguing over, so we never took them to a dog park. Doing it today was really a "screw you for dying" moment on my part, the result of almost breaking down at the store after addressing the cashier by her name. It is an unusual name, and I only know how to pronounce it because James once asked her about it.

When we got to the park, the boys were less than impressed. It's really just a big, fenced field sectioned off for big dogs and little dogs. At first we were the only ones there, but then a man came with his big dogs and a couple came with a little dog. We didn't stay long. It was a little warm out, and Charlie and Sammy kept going back to the gate. Maybe we will try again on a cooler day. Or maybe they knew this is a place they weren't supposed to go.

Sammy in motion

Big dog trapped in a cocker spaniel body

Checking out the big black tube

Making a new friend

"I know this is the way out!"

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Rick said...

Your Dogs are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Some days are hard, stay strong...