Thursday, July 30, 2009

The cute boy and the widow

The cute boy rang the bell around 6:00. The widow was watching a ball game and thinking that the Florida Marlins have really annoying announcers. Pausing the game (gotta love TIVO!), the widow corralled the dogs on the stairs and stepped outside into 108 degree weather to see what the cute boy was trying to sell.

The widow listened impatiently to the cute boy. "Doesn't he know I am trying to watch the game?" she thought. She watched the bees (all three of them) swarming around and then disappear into the eaves of the house and thought she really should knock down the nests before they become full blown hives. She continued to listen to the cute boy's sales pitch, hoping he would hurry it up because damn, it was hot outside (record-breaking heat, in fact).

And then he smiled. And he had dimples. And the next thing she knew, the widow had an appointment set up for Saturday morning with the pest control people and a contract for the next year (insect-not to be confused with the already existing pest control-mouse contract).

At least someone else will be killing the spiders for a change. After many years of having to be the conqueror of the arachnids, that will be a nice change of pace.


Rick said...

Go Braves!!!

I hate those bees too....

Heather said...

We barely avoided being swept by the Marlins. It makes me cringe just typing that. :)