Friday, July 10, 2009

Is this what it boils down to?

I am a 35-year-old woman who just spent part of her Friday night taking pictures of weeds because I had nothing better to do. Is this really what my life has become? Yes, I know. It won't always be this way (hopefully-because if it is just shoot me now).

On the plus side, in the unlikely event I actually get a life between now and Monday and don't have time to take any other pictures, I can use some of these as my homework for this week. Some of them are actually not that bad (in my amateur and of course, unbiased opinion).

As much as I cherish the wonderful friends I have, I really need some that are single.


Shannon said...

I am quite sure your life has NOT become a Firday night weed fest Heather! You will find a fun filled Friday night soon I am sure of it. Hell, if you want, come on over and babysit my brood! You will NEVER be bored! Ha! Ha! Ha! We will title you Auntie Heather! Guaranteed you will wish you had the weed thing goin' on! Shannon

Rick said...

It is good that you have a new found hobby!
I am trying to join more groups to find these single people out there, if not, it is something to enjoy and pass the time away.


Sari said...

Yeah lonely weekends suck. I think you are right about finding some single friends. Doesn't mean you are forgetting about the coupled ones, just sometimes it better suits your situation as you can be the entertainment for each other and save yourselves from boredom.