Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The cure for insomnia?

I once read that traditionally, your 100th blog post is supposed to be 100 things about you. Seeing that this is my 100th post, I Googled that to see if there was any truth to it. Apparently there is. So, here are 100 things about me. Or quite possibly, the cure for insomnia. That would actually be cool-and definitely a contribution to the world although I am not so sure I really want to be known as the girl whose life puts everyone to sleep.

1. I was born in Henderson, NV on 1/15/1974.

2. I am so definitely a Capricorn.

3. I have green eyes. They are my favorite feature.

4. My primary heritage is Scottish, Italian and English.

5. I have a quick temper.

6. I have an often mispronounced German last name. I have not yet researched my tree back far enough to figure that one out.

7. My favorite color is purple.

8. My favorite number is 8. This was also the name of my imaginary friend when I was a child. He was African-American.

9. I am left-handed and right-footed.

10. I almost got held back in kindergarten because I couldn't learn how to skip. When my teacher realized I was right-footed and had me try to skip with my right foot first, I became one of the best skippers in the class.

11. I still cannot skip off my left foot. I tried it the other day.

12. I love jigsaw puzzles.

13. I love M&M's, but not the peanut ones.

14. I have a scar on my left knee from flipping a motorcycle when I was about 12. I have not ridden a motorcycle since that day.

15. My favorite pop is Dr. Pepper. I have not had pop, however, since 1/4/1998. It is the only resolution I have ever kept.

16. I hate the snow and the heat.

17. I am disproportionate. My chest, waist and hips are all different sizes and have been since I was a senior in high school. Makes clothes shopping a real hoot.

18. Due to childhood trauma, I am afraid to take the bus. I will take the commuter train though. You don't have to tell it to stop. It automatically stops at every station.

19. I only have one cavity, which I did not get until I was 24.

20. Every time I have eaten a salad from McDonald's, I have thrown it up.

21. I am a chocoholic. My mom once said my first word was "chocolate." It was actually "da-da."

22. I hate bananas but love banana bread.

23. I love vanilla scented candles.

24. I am terrified of bats.

25. I am also afraid of Keifer Sutherland. The first two movies I saw him in were "Lost Boys" and "Stand by Me." Do I really need to say more?

26. I believe in ghosts.

27. I hate getting dirt under my nails.

28. My favorite singer is Peter Cetera. My favorite song is "Glory of Love," from the Karate Kid II Soundtrack.

29. I have never seen "E.T." I am actually proud of this.

30. According to some random quiz, my celebrity match is John Cusack. I'm down with that.

31. In 1994, I almost choked to death on a Jelly Belly while on a layover at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. It took me a really long time before I ate another one.

32. Skinny people intimidate me.

33. I love to make lists. And I really like to cross things off of them.

34. I love to watch and read crime drama.

35. I love lilacs, but I am allergic to them.

36. I am also allergic to alcohol. This works out great for my friends as I am always the designated driver.

37. I don't like fish, except tuna fish. And I always call it tuna fish, not just tuna.

38. My first car was a Pinto. We don't talk about it.

39. I am a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

40. I love to have my hair played with.

41. People always tell me I am really funny.

42. I am so not funny when I try to be.

43. Despite what he says, I never hit my brother in the head with a cast iron frying pan when we were children.

44. I did however tell the neighbor boy to throw rocks at him, but I didn't mean for him to get hit in the head with one.

45. For most of my life, I planned to be a teacher. I ended up an accountant.

46. I have a degree in accounting and one in Information Systems. That was pretty much obsolete as soon as I walked off the stage.

47. I graduated college 3 classes short of a history minor.

48. In college, my favorite breakfast was a bagel with cream cheese and a can of Dr. Pepper. That would probably still be my favorite breakfast if I still drank pop.

49. I am tone deaf.

50. People tend to think I am standoffish when I first meet them. The truth is that I am just really shy and they scare me.

51. I have always wanted to be a writer.

52. I have a horrible tendency to procrastinate.

53. I have never smoked a cigarette, or anything else for that matter.

54. There are times I wish I had been more rebellious when I was younger.

55. I was not a dog person before I met James. Don't tell the boys.

56. I once flew to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with a group of women I "knew" from a message board but had never met in person. I wouldn't have done it if James hadn't encouraged me and I am so glad I went.

57. I love Las Vegas, even though I don't gamble.

58. The first concert I ever went to was a free concert on Jones Beach (Long Island, NY). It was Ben E. King. I went with my grandma, aunts, brother and cousins.

59. The first paid concert I went to was Def Leppard at Martin Stadium at WSU my freshman year of college. Turns out one of my current co-workers was there too. (WSU is on the other side of the state).

60. I am a big fan of '80's hair bands.

61. My dream car is the 1969 Corvette Stingray. I would settle for a '57 Chevy.

62. I always automatically assume the worst case scenario.

63. I have been stung by a bee twice: once when I was 7 and once when I was 27.

64. My biggest fear is ending up alone.

65. When I was 18, I was walking down the street when a group of guys drove by and barked at me.

66. Prior to meeting James, I tried online dating. I made several good connections, until they saw my picture or met me in person. Then I never heard from them again. The last one met me, went out "to get his coat" and didn't even finish the date.

67. Several months before I met James, my dad asked what was wrong with me that I couldn't attract a man. He was not joking.

68. My friends don't understand why I don't think men are attracted to me. In hindsight, it's not that I need a bag over my head-they just weren't the "one." The "one" wanted to know who I was the first time he saw me but figured there was no way I was single.

69. I did not meet James until about 3 weeks before I turned 26. He was 32. I swore I would never date anyone more than 4 years older than me. I'm so glad I didn't stick to that!

70. Last July, I was one of the 25% of people rejected by eHarmony. Here we go again.

71. I have swam with dolphins twice-once in Jamaica and once in Mexico.

72. I have been in 3 bowling leagues: once as a child and twice as an adult. I am a lousy bowler.

73. I played Little League baseball for one year and softball for 3. I suck at that too.

74. The last time I played volleyball was at my best friend's 16th birthday party. I sprained my left thumb.

75. I am not the least bit athletic, in case that isn't obvious.

76. I hate to exercise.

77. I do like to play frisbee golf. I don't completely suck at that.

78. My sorority sister and I were named the Women's Doubles Badmitten Champions my senior year of college. The fact that we were the only ones to register is completely irrelevant.

79. I had a 2 Live Crew cassette tape in high school. It was in a Michael Damian tape case.

80. I started getting grey hair when I was 21.

81. I hate rides that go upside down.

82. I am not against gay marriage. If you can find love-go for it. It is not up to me to judge.

83. I cannot parallel park.

84. I think people that abuse children and animals should have the same abuse inflicted upon them.

85. When I was little, I wanted to be a ballerina. Apparently, you have to be cordinated for that.

86. About 10 years ago, I took tap dance lessons through the Parks and Rec program. I forgot it all though. I should do that again. I still have the shoes.

87. I tend to think of the speed limit as more of a recommendation than actual law.

88. In 2005, I got two speeding tickets 10 days apart. Photo radar is not my friend. 2005 wasn't really my friend either.

89. The only thing I have ever been pulled over for is not having a front license plate on my car. It was in the back seat. It is now on the front of the car.

90. I don't like talking on the phone when I am driving.

91. I am the first to admit I am a bad driver.

92. It disturbs me that I like a lot of songs about adultry but I am opposed to the act itself. However, I once went on a date with a married man-turned out we had different definitions of "ex-wife."

93. I have no sense of style.

94. My senior year of high school I wanted out of French III because my teacher hit menopause and became a raving lunatic. (At least we think that's what happened). My dad said no college would accept me if I dropped out of a class after getting straight A's in French I, II and the first semester of French III. I believed him. Oh, and I kind of, sort of, but not really speak French.

95. I am not afraid to try new things-within reason, of course. Bungee jumping is not within reason. Parasailing, however, is.

96. I believe you can't help who you fall in love with.

97. I believe love happens when you least expect it.

98. 30 years from now, I want to dance with my husband at our 25th wedding anniversary party (note to self: you have 5 years to meet, fall in love with and marry someone for this to happen. Crap).

99. I have no clue what the meaning of life is.

100. I may be predictable, but I sure as hell am not boring!


Shannon said...

That was really interesting, but I do have to ask... are you my long lost sister? You and I do have an awful lot in common!!! It was like reading a top 100, well, maybe top 95, of myself. Too funny! Don't be so hard on yourself. You are NOT going to end up alone. Like I tell Rick, you guys are a one in a million, so it is going to take a little longer to find someone worthy of you both. You are fine people and don't need to just "settle" for just anybody just to say you have someone! When you least expect it, it will happen! Just like with James! It won't ever BE another James, but you would NEVER want to replace perfection...would you? Hang in there girlfriend, I'm here for you!

Sari said...

It was great to learn more about you! We have several things in common actually. Congrats on your 100 posts. :)

Tracy said...

How can you not like Peanut M&M's?!?!? But you redeemed yourself with "Glory of Love". And you and I must have both seen Def Leppard on that same concert tour, but mine was at BSU. I have since seen them two more times and it would have been a third had I not gone into labor with Madeline the night they were in town.

You are most definitely not boring! :)

Rick said...

Congrat's on your 100th post!!
I enjoyed it!!

I hope somebody saw you skipping!! and no Peanut M&M's??