Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm doing two posts tonight because 2 of my 5 faithful readers have already heard the Charlie story. By the way, thank you to my faithful readers. You inspire me to keep doing this, especially you Supreme Goddess #1. :o)

Over Memorial Day weekend, I posted about planting a small tomato garden. I have also mentioned that my attempts at gardening consist of me putting things in the ground and them dying. I am thrilled that it has been 8 weeks and I have technically not killed any of the plants (it seriously doesn't take much to make me happy)! Yea! Roma is not making a strong showing, but she's hanging on and this afternoon I noticed she has a tomato sprouting, or blooming, or whatever it is they do. Right now, Early Girl and Cherry seem to be in a race for who is going to ripen first, but Cherry has a lot more fruit. Beef Steak is currently in 3rd place. This is actually Beef Steak II since Sammy killed the first one right after I planted it, so he was about a week behind right out of the gate. Yes, I have decided my tomato plants are having a contest. I really am that easily amused, which made life pretty dang easy for James and will make life pretty dang easy for Mystery Husband #2 as well.

With all these tomatoes in the works, it looks like I might need to find (or invent) a good salsa recipe!

Early Girl


Beef Steak


Sari said...

Wow Heather, your tomatoes look great! I am really jealous now! >:(

(LOL Just kidding)

I have given up on mine. I got a couple of very small tomatoes off, maybe 4 total tomatoes out of 7 plants? Not good. I have determined that container tomatoes are not for me, but I'll try again next year planting them directly in the ground.

I'm glad yours are going well.

Shannon said...

Ours look like some first graders project. We did the "topsy turvy" thing and it really flopped! We are usually giving tomatoes away...this year, I am taking donations!!!! Throw them my way Heather!

Tracy said...

Oh Doug makes some gooooooood homemade salsa. I'll have to get him to write it down for you. I'm not a huge salsa fan but with fresh homegrown tomatoes, it's the best!

Rick said...

Great Job!!!

Those are Great pictues of the plants also!!

Salsa, Salsa, Salsa!!!!