Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flamin' James

I don't know how it is we never got kicked out of Goodwill. And by "we" I really mean James and his best friend as the main culprits and the rest of us who happened to be there as innocent (ha, ha) bystanders. Actually, there are several places I am surprised that James and his best friend never got kicked out of, but I guess that is what happens when you are incredibly charismatic, even if you are acting incredibly obnoxious.

For years, our best friends' held a Halloween party. In 2005, she decided to make it a costume party and guests HAD to have a costume to attend. Our costumes were pretty lame that year. We had just moved back from Arizona and did not have a lot of time to plan. On top of that, James didn't want to dress up. We went over to the Halloween Store and settled for James going as "Dr. Seymour Bush" and myself as a pregnant nun, which was actually kind of amusing as several people asked if I was really pregnant.

The next year, James was more in the Halloween spirit and decided that he was going to go as a redneck-complete with a mullet, bad teeth and a sheep. I'm just going to leave it at that for now. We decided to meet up with our friends' at Goodwill to shop for costumes. When we walked into the store, we found them easily-we could hear James' best friend laughing. When we walked over to them, he was half wearing something red and told James it didn't fit him but would fit James so he had to try it on. So, of course, he did. I swore I would never make this photo public, but he swore he wasn't going anywhere so I would say all bets are off.

He still went as the redneck, although I don't know how this didn't change his mind.


Shannon said...

Too funny! Flamin' Redneck James!...The Magician! Ha! Ha! Ha! Good Ol'Days eh?

Rick said...

That is one hell of a funny picture!!

Thank you for sharing!!!

Sari said...

OMG that is hilarious!