Sunday, March 14, 2010

Because I wasn't busy enough

I have been busy lately-very busy. I am still volunteering once a week and will continue to do so until the end of May. My other two regular volunteer commitments will either end in May or June. They will happen in May; June is played by ear. These will resume when school starts again in September.

I still have my bunco group that meets once a month, but the other one seems to have dissolved. I wasn't enjoying that one as much so I am not sad about that and a couple of us are thinking about doing a monthly game night instead, with a smaller (and closer-knit) group of friends. I joked that was going to be my outlet for parading potential boyfriends around (should I ever find someone to parade around).

My young widowed group still meets once a month for dinner and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. And I continue to do things with the other Meetup group-I usually do at least one event per week with them. Friday I saw "Easy Rider" with 11 others from the group; tonight some of us are seeing "On the Waterfront." I have been assured by a couple that were there Friday I will find tonight's movie a lot less disturbing!

I attend the occasional soccer game to watch my godson play. I say occasional because as a soccer godmom, I have the option to be a fair-weather fan. Even still, I have seen more of the games than some of the actual parents, and that makes me sad for the kids. What was really sad was when my (then) 12-year-old godson pointed that out to his mom.

So I am busy. Maybe a little too busy. My widower friend has expressed concern more than once that I am doing too much and should slow down. I know he's right and I keep saying I am going to, but then something gets posted to the calendar that looks really fun so off I go again.

One of the things that keeps getting posted is a volunteer opportunity at the Food Bank. The group has been doing it twice a month and it fills up fast since the limit is 10. I have missed out on it a couple of times because I was on the wait list and didn't get bumped up. A few members of the group who I have done the project with have said how much they have enjoyed it and they were "hooked."

I noticed that the last occurrence of the project is posted for April 6th-for which I am the event host. The group's organizer posted it but can't go and asked if I would fill in for him since I am going to be there anyway. (This was awhile ago). Because of the feedback I have heard and because my other volunteer projects are going on hiatus, I e-mailed him on Thursday and told him I didn't want to step on his toes, but I'd heard good things about the project from other members of the group and I would be willing to take that on to keep it going. I also told him that the Clark County Historical Society puts on two vintage 1860's style baseball games during the summer and I thought that would be a fun thing for our group to do. (And it's free!).

His response to my e-mail was to make me an assistant organizer for the group, which means I can post activities to the calendar. I will be e-mailing the contact person at the Food Bank tomorrow to get on their calendar for the next few months. When it gets closer to summer, I will post the baseball games. And if something comes up in the meantime, I will post that too. While several of us have no problem with going over to Portland for these events, it would be nice to have some on our side of the river too.

I didn't really need any more to do. If anything, I needed less. I'm happy about this though. I think this will be good as it will encourage me to keep my eyes and ears open for fun events and will help to keep me moving forward both as a core member of this group and on my personal journey.

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