Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get out of my head George Michael

"I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor..."

George Michael's song "Careless Whisper" is about a guy who cheats on his woman. (The video is very cheesy and very '80's). I haven't cheated on or with anyone but I have had that line running through my head since Friday night. It is Sunday. Do you know how many times the same line can run through your head in 48 hours? A lot.

Friday after work I went to a happy hour event with the fun Meetup group. One of the guys there asked if any of us were going to another event being held later that evening, which was dancing to a live band. None of us had anything better to do so we decided to go. I think one of the girls decided to go because she has a thing for one of the guys, who is not interested. (I thought it was the other way around. I have been set straight).

We got there about an hour before the band was supposed to start, had some food (despite having just come from happy hour, where we ate, we were surprisingly hungry), and just chatted while waiting for the band to start. They ended up starting late as they decided to wait to start playing until after the Blazer game. When they finally started playing, the first thing Girl did was drag Boy onto the dance floor. (This was when I learned the truth about the situation). After the song was mercifully over (the band was not good) and they came back to the table, he extended his hand to another girl in the group to go dance with him. She declined so he extended his hand to me. I am not a dancer but I figured "what the hay? I'm here." I offered my hand and allowed him to lead me to the dance floor.

There are things that I know I miss and there are things I know I have forgotten, but I realized I had forgotten what it felt like to hold a man's hand, even briefly. It was a bit of a startlingly realization that I am still trying to process (with the help of George Michael apparently). It wasn't something I realized I missed-after 8 years, James and I didn't hold hands that often anymore but I always felt loved and so protected when he would reach for it. I miss that feeling of protection-of knowing someone always had my back and that someone was looking out for me. Lord knows I needed it given that whole unobservant thing I've got going on.

We didn't dance long. I'm not really sure what the band was attempting to play-always a sign of a good group-but it wasn't really dance music. Plus I discovered they had shuffleboard, so I asked if we could do that instead. So he went and got a couple of others from the group, who beat us.

I didn't stay much longer than that. I did have to get home to let the dogs out and I didn't have the option of numbing the pain of the band with alcohol. (Said to me at Widmer Brewery on Saturday by Cute Meetup Guy #1: "Wait, you don't drink but you're here for a brewery tour?" My reply: "Yep." CMG #1: "Okay." He's pretty laid back. Me: "I really don't want to work on my taxes and I thought the historical and scientific aspects would be interesting." Because I am so not a geek. CMG #1 (nodding): "I can see that." Because he's so not a geek either).

I did feel a little bad when I left on Friday night. I was hugging the people I like good-bye and Boy thanked me for almost dancing with him. I said I was sorry but the music was just too awful (they made bad karaoke sound good) and thanked him for playing shuffleboard with me. We're both signed up for a night of country dancing in a couple of weeks. (Despite not being a dancer, I have been wanting to do that off and on for a few years now-usually when I get on a country music kick. I knew how to do it-sort of-in college). Girl will be there too. Maybe I'll make up for our abbreviated dance with a real one then. And hopefully, George Michael will be out of my head by then.

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