Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rain, Rain Go AWAY

Rain, rain go away
Don't come back until next May.

I am so sick of the rain.  I have lost track of how many days of it we have had and have started to wonder how people live in Alaska during the dark part of the year without going insane.  We had a great weekend, followed by more rain.  I felt great this weekend; now I am back in the doldrums.  It's just too dreary to put on a happy face and mean it.  (On the plus side, my water bill is lower than usual as I haven't had to turn the sprinkler system on yet).  We are predicted to have rain off and on throughout the weekend and then a drying trend is possible for next week.  They said that about this week too.

Monday is the first official day of summer.  Or shall I say winter?

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