Monday, June 28, 2010

Really, Universe?

Last night at 8:38 pm, I posted this:

"It is hard to move away from someone who pops up every time I resolve to do just that.  (I really want to text him right now and tell him I got a new phone that has an awesome GPS-he learned quickly I am hopeless with navigating downtown Portland).  I'm convinced at this point the universe is just messing with my head for shits and giggles."

As I mentioned, over the weekend, I got a new phone.  I had been eligible for an upgrade since 9/11/07 and was holding out.  I figured as long as my friend held out, I would too.  Then he had to go and get an iPhone (probably should have given him the memo).  So I lost my excuse and started to e-mail myself my pictures and text messages I wanted to keep.  I also made a spreadsheet of my contacts in case I lost them.  Plus, the phone was originally James' and I kept a lot of his contacts in it.  So there were numbers I would like to keep but don't need in my phone.  And now I have a Droid, which I have to admit is a pretty nifty little phone.

My contacts weren't transferred for me so right now the only contacts I have are those who have sent me text messages since Saturday.  (This is proving to be a sad reminder of how infrequently people contact me!)  This morning, I went to send a text and saw new icons at the top of the screen, but nothing happened when I tried to tap on them so I shrugged it off.  (So far I have figured out how to text and take pictures of my dogs and upload them to Facebook.  And I set the ringtone and made Sammy my wallpaper). 

I tried again this afternoon and somehow came up with a menu that told me I had a missed call and a voicemail message.  From NLNG, who called last night at 9:43 pm to see how I was doing.  Really? Thank you Universe for proving my point.  Do you know how many people are baffled by this?  I told my friend I am starting to feel like I'm not supposed to move away from him since he keeps popping up when I try.  She said to call him back and tell him he is now beginning to piss her off and I should straight out ask what is going on.  I responded that would probably be less painful than banging my head on the desk.  My best friend is still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  She's the nicer of the two of us when it comes to giving people more than one chance.

I haven't called back yet but have given myself some strength in the form of repeatedly (5 times) listening to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback" girl.  Would playing that in the background when I call him back be subtle?  I'm thinking no.

The thing is I have been praying for a second chance to try to get it right.  I know it takes two but I feel there are things I probably could have down differently-as could he.  I don't want someone who I have to constantly entertain, but I want someone who can take two minutes to let me know I am still on the radar; preferably more than once a month.

This whole thing is making my head spin.

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