Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talking to Guys

My friend told me earlier today he likes to hear all my "cute guy of the day" stories.  And he agrees I need to find new nicknames for them.  He also thinks I need to go on a date with someone other than NLNG-a point I'm not arguing. I would gladly do that if there was one I was interested in that asked.

So I told him about Food Bank Guy.  (I don't actually know what his name is).  Back in January, the organizer of the fun Meetup group set us up to volunteer for the Food Bank twice a month.  They only schedule out a few months at a time so we were only on their calendar through April.  In April, I offered to take that over and keep it going, which is how I ultimately became an assistant organizer for the group despite my best efforts for that to not happen.  (It has actually been good for me).  Food Bank Guy volunteers directly for the Food Bank so he is not part of our group (which is why I don't know his name).

At our first project this month, my dear friend and I were talking about boys like we always do.  I pointed out that I think Food Bank Guy is cute.  She looked at him and said he was a little young.  (She's the same age as my mom).  I gave her a look and then she said "Oh! You meant for you."  Then we dissolved into a fit of giggles.  We're real mature like that.

Prior to this, Food Bank Guy has either completely ignored me or has given me borderline dirty looks.  I didn't really think much of it because NLNG has been in the picture since I took over this project.  (He still sort of is.  Although this time it appears he's blowing me off before the date instead of after.  Whatever).  After I said that, he was helping me get the last of our pinto beans from the big bag into the serving bags and made a couple of cutesy comments, which I'm pretty sure I had a smart ass response to.

As we were leaving, I noticed he rode a motorcycle (strike 1) and possibly smokes (strike 2).  I made the passing comment it was a nice night for a bike ride.  Which lead to a nice discussion about road kill.  Yeah, and I wonder why exactly it is I'm single?  Apparently, he wasn't too phased by this as the last time we were there he was teasing me about being one of those perfectionist people, to which I responded I was all about feeding as many hungry as I could.  (He also gave me the stellar advice that maybe I shouldn't put all my weight on a (most likely) broken toe.  Ya think?)  Given his completely ignoring me before, I can't help but wonder if he overheard the comment I made about him being cute though I thought I said it pretty quietly.

I also told my friend about the new guy that came to my monthly widowed people dinner last night.  His wife died suddenly from a heart condition about the same time James did the same.  And he's really cute.  I decided that as the group organizer, it was my duty to sit next to him and the new girl to make sure they felt welcomed and included in the conversation.  (Actually, as the org., that IS my duty, but I digress).  In talking to him (she was talking to someone else), I felt I was interrogating  him.  I sent them both an e-mail today saying it was nice to meet them, let me know if they have any questions about the group, hope to see them again, etc.  I suspect I won't.

So I have come to the conclusion that I'm good as long as it is someone I don't find attractive.  (Though I'm not sure how that explains my total comfort with NLNG the moment I met him.  But then again, there isn't much about him that does make sense).  I had a great conversation recently with the parking garage attendant about the Portland Beavers and what the chances of them staying in Portland are after this season.  I have no problems talking to men with whom there is no chance I am going to date them.  But when it comes to the ones I think are cute I either come across like a moron, interrogate them, or clam up completely.  I'm thinking about joining a speed dating Meetup because clearly, I need to relearn how to talk to guys.

And for you my Canadian friend, today's cute guy is a high school teacher friend of Volunteer Guy, who I never noticed had dimples (I love me some dimples) until earlier today when I had the chance to interrogate him.

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