Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This moment brought to you by Young MC

"This here's a tale for all the fellows, trying to do what those ladies tell us.  Get shot down if your overzealous, play hard to get females get jealous..."

I could go on.  Really I could.  But I won't.  Well, I'll probably have that song stuck in my head again so it's a good thing I like it.

A couple of weeks ago, my sorority sister and former roommate posted a note on her Facebook page and tagged me in it.  It was a 30-day song challenge in which you post a YouTube video of a different song every day.  There's a "theme" for each day so there's some structure to it.  I decided to play along; quite frankly, I needed something fun and (sort of) challenging to do, and I am having fun with this so far. 

The theme for Day 8 was "a song I know all the words to."  So I posted the video for Young MC's "Bust a Move."  I had already used my fave song (Day 1 "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera) and this was a fun song choice that I thought would be unexpected coming from me.  It was, as one of my widow friends posted a comment questioning whether or not I really know all the words and saying she thought I should bust it out at dinner the next night.  That would be the monthly dinner for my widow/ers Meetup group. 

I have a really hard time turning down a challenge (case in point:  my week long challenge of not eating meat has now lasted for almost 3 months).  And you only live once.  So after dinner, I queued up the song on my cell phone (turns out I have a YouTube app) and handed her the phone.  I could hear the music but not Young MC rapping it.  Five innocent children and one widower were traumatized by my performance.  (I'm pretty sure the children will bounce back.  Not so sure about my poor widower friend).  Word on the street is there's video of part of it.  What happens at widow/er dinners...

And people think all we do at these dinners is sit around and cry. 

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