Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Seven Days of Ok Cupid, Day 1

Having chosen my pictures for my updated profile, the only thing left to do was log back in, change my pictures and wait for my "hundreds" of messages to flood my inbox.

Once I logged back in and changed my pictures, I reviewed my profile and made a couple of changes to make it a bit more current.  Overall, I still felt it was short and to the point, and if stereotypes are to be believed, men don't read it anyway.  They just look at your pictures and think "yep.  I want to hit that."  While I'm sure this does happen, I don't believe it to be true for all men.  I also decided to pay for one month of "A-list" services for a few extra features to more closely follow what was done in the article that made me decide to try this.

As of 8:44 a.m., I was officially online dating again.  The first thing I did was a search of my absolute ideal basic criteria:  online within the last week so I know they are an active user, ages 35-48, lives within 25 miles of me, does not smoke or do drugs.  Never or rarely drinks.  Does not have nor want kids and likes dogs.  In the Portland Metro area, this is all of nine men currently on Ok Cupid.  Sigh...if I am going to meet my goal of messaging 25 men this week, I'm going to have to decide which of my criteria is least important to me. 

I'm not sure if this is new since the last time I was on the site or if it's an A-list feature, but I can now see how many searches my profile came up in.  Because online dating wasn't already depressing enough.  For Day 1, I appeared in 1,251 searches.  My profile was viewed a total of 30 times; I received a total of one message from someone who had messaged me previously and whose profile picture was so sleazy, I felt I needed to take an incredibly hot shower after looking at it.  His message, which consisted of nothing more than "hi, my name is X" went into my filtered message folder as he does not fall into my search criteria of living near me.  On my end, I sent messages to two of the nine men who matched my search criteria even though I didn't fit what they are looking for.  Both read the messages; one replied.  (One of the reasons I paid for the A-list membership was so I could see if messages I sent were read).  Neither of them show up as having visited my profile, however.

I did have 17 "likes."  I'm not sure if this is the result of men rating me highly but choosing not to message me or clicking "like" on Quickmatch, which only shows you a snapshot of the other person's profile and doesn't allow you to message the person unless you "like" them too, or both.  I "liked" one of my Quickmatches; you can't see the next one unless you say yes or no to the current selection.

My goals for Day 2:  go through the list of men who "liked" me and the Quickmatches chosen for me.  Respond to the guy who did reply from Day 1.  Email four of the nine men who remain on my list.  Maybe change my username.

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