Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seven Days of Ok Cupid, Day 3

Am I really only on Day 3?  It feels like longer but at least I'm about halfway done with the first week of my month long subscription.

It turns out I'm a hit with scam artists from the U.K. Sadly, I am not a hit with anyone else.  I had a total of 8 profile views yesterday.  Only three of them met my basic criteria for age range and distance; the other five were the desired age range but did not live near me.  I did receive five messages yesterday, four of which hit my "filtered" folder:

From a gentleman in the U.K., this message came with a warning to avoid internet scams:
"Hello there,
Your simplicity got me attracted to you and your profile words clearly distinguished you as a woman of virtue, intelligent and honesty and it got me fascinated to know you more. I am Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, a sociologists by training. I want to know you more.

From a gentleman on the other side of Oregon, who lost me with "sweet baby":
"Hello baby, how's you ?. Sorry for the disturb. Just that I got short alert that we are match so am taking the bold step to write you. I liked your profile and will like to know you if you care to know me too. If you do write me at xxxxxxx111 at hotmail . c o m, I shall be glad if I get a message from you.

Thank you sweet baby"
From a gentleman in Michigan, this one also came with the anti-scam warning:

"Hi baby,Im interested..."
And token message #1 from the bot:

"Pretty smile"
I also received my first message that actually passed my filters of age and distance:

"Hello there."

That one came from someone who had previously "liked" me that I passed on due to the suspicion that it is a fake profile.  If he is real, this is going to happen to him a lot due to the part where he didn't fill out his profile, is looking for women in a rather broad age range, and his lone profile picture is blurry enough that you can't really see what he looks like.

On my end, I achieved my goal of emailing 4 men, bringing my total to 10 of my intended 25 for the week - almost halfway there too!  One of the men I have actually met before several years ago via Meetup so that one was a little awkward to send a message to but I do find him attractive, as I did when I first met him.  What do I have to lose right?  A little dignity, at most.  Of all the men I have messaged so far, my fingers are crossed that this one will email me back. 

I didn't finish going through the men who had "liked" me on Day 1.  That list is up to 23; I have looked at 14 of them.  I have also discovered that some men who come up as Quickmatches "liked" me but they don't show up in the list of men who "liked" me so I'm still not entirely sure how this aspect of the site works.

I went through 10 of the Quickmatches that were sent to me.  I passed on seven; liked three.  I am also still waiting to see if the two with whom there was a mutual "like" will email me, provided they are even real people to begin with. 

I am also starting to see men I have "passed" on or have already emailed are starting to show up in the "you might like" section, which is something that drives me nuts about this site and again makes me wonder about the matching algorithm and computer programming side of things.  In my opinion, there is definitely room for improvement!

I have a busy day today with work, mammograms and volunteering at the Food Bank, but to stay on pace, my Day 4 goal is to email another four men.  Maybe today, my "hundreds" of messages will start flooding in, but I'm not holding my breath.  I look good in blue, but prefer it as a choice for clothing, not skin tone!

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