Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Creepy and disturbing

After going through the "get home" routine, I came up to check my e-mail, message boards, blogs I follow, etc, which is actually part of the routine. Then I decided to check my e-Harmony account to see if Match 100 had responded to my latest round of questions or my request for a picture yet. (He has not). While I was at it, I checked my new matches. I looked at one of the pictures and thought "well, that's odd. I thought it said this was a new match." I looked at the match date and sure enough, it says match delivered on 09/09/09. So, I went back through my other matches and found what I was looking for: I have been matched with the same guy twice. Clearly, we are compatible. This is disturbing. Why? Because the matches were made by a guy with two very different profiles.

First, I was matched with the 39-year-old Eduardo (names are being changed). My new match with the exact same picture is 37-year-old Edward. The 39-year-old is a business owner/appraiser. The other is a real estate appraiser. One's most influential person in his life was several people along the way. The other's was his uncle. One is passionate about spending time with his family and friends; the other about being creative (is making up multiple profiles considered being creative?). One hasn't read a book in ages; the other is a fan of investment guides and Harry Potter. There is not much the two Eds have in common other than they are both 6'1" and can't live without hot sauce.

And I am match for both of them. Sweet! Wow. I'm simply blown away by this. Which is the real Ed? I think it is safe to say I will be closing both matches. I don't think I could ever trust someone like this.

The (allegedly) 37-year-old father of two may be worth a second look however...


Shannon said...

That IS Creepy and disturbing! Wonder what he thinks he's proving by making two identities? More hot sauce? Oh well? Give the guy w/ the kids a try. I do warn you, it's not always easy getting involved with someone who has kids. Godd Luck! Shannon

Rick said...

Good catch with the profiles!!

I look at it as having fun on the computer. I would just start sending many emails through the dating sites (match, plenty of fish) and got MANY rejects or no responses. Evenually some do respond and then I enjoyed the emails back and forth.

Hang in there Heather!!!

Sari said...
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Sari said...

Omg, you have to laugh about how dumb people are. I wouldn't date either one of his personalities, either!