Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 2 at the YMCA

I wonder how long it is going to take me to be able to type YMCA without the song going through my head? I really think they should have a cardboard cutout of the Village People to greet members as they come through the door.

Today as I was working out, I took note of the other people who were there and I started to think about how disappointed my therapist is going to be if this trend continues:

  • 1 HS/College aged kid who reminds me of the actor that played Smash Williams on the TV version of "Friday Night Lights." He may be jailbait, but at least he's good looking jailbait.
  • 3 post-retirement age men, which is my PC way of saying geezer
  • 2 men of unknown status, meaning no wedding rings. A lot of men don't wear their wedding rings so that really means nothing. If I ruled the world, married men would wear their rings. It would be law. I would of course allow them to be off during working hours for men with dangerous jobs that could end up getting it caught in machinery, but that is pretty much it. I think it's sexy when a man wears his ring-it says to me that he really loves his wife. (And, of course, that he is off-limits. Homegirl don't play that way).
  • And 9 women

The step aerobics class I passed had 6 women and 1 old guy.

My therapist had two reasons for wanting me to join a gym: first, to boost my seretonin levels since I refuse to take an anti-depressant due to a bad reaction I had to one I was given years ago for pain management. Secondly, she thought it would be a great place for me to meet Mystery Husband #2. Well, I am not looking for a sugar daddy or to switch teams, so she may be out of luck in her hopes and dreams for me, at least in this regard.

I don't plan to post the attendance statistics everyday I go to work out, but I do plan on keeping track. I plan to track attendance at volunteer and meetup events too. It may end up being depressing, but I want something to take back to the therapist to show her that I really am trying to get out and meet people because I don't really think she believes I am. It will also be a great social experiment to show just how much more women make themselves available than men-at least in the types of settings I am comfortable with (meaning: ones that do not revolve around alcohol). Plus, I love my spreadsheets and already have one mapped out in my head for this.

As for the workout itself, I almost erased the caramel frappucino I had for breakfast, which was needed due to yet another sleepless night.

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Rick said...

You have me singing "YMCA" in my head now!! :)