Thursday, September 3, 2009

Today's moment of panic brought to you by the NCAA

Tonight is opening night for the 2009-2010 college football season. This is not normally something I care about as I don't really follow college football. This season opener is a little different however, as one of the games is the Oregon Ducks vs. the Boise State Broncos. I pretty much live in a suburb of Portland, even though I live in Washington. So this is very much Duck/Beaver (Oregon State) territory. And I am from Idaho. You would think that would make it tough for me to pick a side, right? Wrong. I went to the University of Idaho. I am a Vandal. And who do we hate? Boise State!!! (Catchy, isn't it?)

When I got to work today, I had an e-mail message from my dear friend making sure I was clear that for today only I am a Duck fan. (It really is for today only as another dear friend is a Beaver so I usually root for them). I had already come to that conclusion so I had to chuckle when I got her message. She also sent it to her sister and by the time the day was over, we had sent several messages back and forth, the final gist of it being we are true Vandal fans, it is a slow news day in the Boise area since the game was the top story on the local newspaper's website, and either the media in Oregon really doesn't care (at least it was not a priority for the two sites I checked) or the local media is run by Beaver fans, which is actually a strong possibility.

I was thinking over my day earlier as I was watching the Braves choke against the Marlins. I love my boys, but man, they don't always make it easy to be a fan! I was thinking a bunch of random thoughts (need to create activity spreadsheet, it sure would be nice if Chipper Jones could remember how to hit the damn ball, it's amazing how filling salad is, etc) when an absolutely horrifying thought entered my mind: what if I meet a man and I know-just KNOW-he is Mystery Husband #2 and I find out he went to Boise State? Oh the horror! Would I be able face my Vandal friends? Would they accept him? Would I have to keep it a secret from He-who-calls-me-Hector (aka Husband-of-fellow-Vandal-turned-Duck-for-the-day)? Could I accept this fault? The thought really does make me sick (could be the salad-it was pretty big). I'm a pretty loyal, not to mention surprisingly competitive, person; this could actually be a dealbreaker.

And then I remembered. This is MH #2 (I shorten it in my head) we are talking about. He will be perfect. And perfect people simply don't go to BSU. Whew! As James would say, crisis averted. (Note to MH #2: you also did not go to UW, and you hate the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Astros. It doesn't matter why you hate them, just that you do).


Tracy said...

We'd just have to get you a "House Divided" flag....

Rick said...

It was a good game from what I saw from the highlights.