Monday, September 21, 2009

The Retaliation

Friday, when I got in my car, I knew I had some planning to do. How was I going to pay back my co-worker for her little prank? I happened to glance over at the pocket in the passenger door and saw the two things that live there: the ice scraper and last year's school fundraiser.

Last year's school fundraiser, which I bought from this same co-worker, was also a coupon book. Unlike this year's Entertainment books, these were by a company called Payback. "Ooh, I thought. I must do something with the Payback book." The book was almost full as I would often forget I had the book and as a person living and mostly dining alone, I did not have a lot of use for "Buy 1, get 1 free (or half off)" coupons. I did notice I did use the "Buy 1, get 1 free" gordita coupon for Taco Bell, however. It's nice to know I paid 20 bucks to save $1.89. It's also scary that I know how much gordita's cost off the top of my head. And I am suddenly craving a pina colada Fruitista Freeze.

I wondered what I should do with the Payback book. And then I heard my other co-workers parting words "do you want me to take that (the fake check) and shred it for you?" Hmm...I have a shredder. I have a book of expired coupons that says PAYBACK on it. I have a plan.

My co-worker also said she was going to send the pictures she took to the instigator with a note that said "payback is a beyotch." (Turns out she was taking video and even though they did a trail run, it didn't work. Ha ha!) It just so happened that I was able to use the wording on the first page of the book to come up with this:

Then, with the help of my boys (aka "the most helpful dogs on the planet-just ask them"), I shredded the entire coupon book.

This morning, I did something rare for a Monday. I got ready for work rather quickly. My co-worker and I both start at 7:00 and I needed to make sure I got there before her. I had some decorating to do:
I was disappointed when she arrived and had forgotten about Friday's little stunt. However, once she was reminded by her little helper, she thought my retaliation was funny-and she made a note to self: be careful of what you do to Heather. She fights back.

I am not completely evil, however. I did help her clean up the mess. Ah yes, it was a very fun way to start off the week.

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Rick said...

Now that was funny!!!!!!
Nice pictures too!!

Don't mess with Heather!!! LOL!!!