Monday, November 16, 2009

A cow, a cup and cookie dough (Random thoughts on a Monday night)

I am still waiting for the eBay auctions to end on two of the three cows I bid on Saturday night. So far, I am still the only bidder on both but the auctions don't end until Wednesday and anything can happen between now and then. Earlier today, however, I was having a moment so I took a peek at eBay and ended up bidding on "May All Moos Goals Come True"- a cute (aren't they all?) little hockey playing cow. There were no bids and less than an hour to go on the auction. I bid the minimum and won the auction. So, a new cow from the sports set will soon be joining my collection. I need to try to determine which cows belong to that set to see if there are any more I am missing.

Yesterday, I realized that I should have received the replacement cup to replace the wrong cup that was sent to me when mine exploded. I should have received it last Thursday. So, this morning I called, convinced they sent it to my old address. I was informed it was due to be delivered today. When I got home, there were no packages on my doorstep (I didn't have any mail either, which is odd). I thought I should have gotten the tracking number so I don't have to call them back again. The doorbell rang around 6:15. I was expecting it to be the middle school student with my cookie dough, but when I answered the door, the UPS man was driving away. The good news is I got my cup and it belongs to my set. The bad news is that despite what we were told when we bought the dishes, they changed the design of the cup and it doesn't match the other 7. It is white with the grey-blue stripe like it should be, but the shape of the cup is different. And the material it is made out of is rougher. Grr. On the other hand, the chances of me actually needing to use all 8 of my coffee cups at the same time is pretty slim. And the awesome friends who I would be serving wouldn't care if the cups didn't match. I would care though. I aspire to be the perfect hostess. Heck, at this point, I just aspire to be a hostess as it would mean I was having people over. It crossed my mind to call them and order 7 more cups. (I wonder if eBay has my cups. I also wonder if there is a program for people like me).

One of my friends celebrated a birthday on Saturday. Since our dinner group was meeting last night, I decided I would make him 42 cookies for his birthday-one for each year (yes, I am both sweet and corny). I think everyone should have a cake on their birthday, but he doesn't like cake (which I totally cannot comprehend. Who doesn't like cake? James didn't really like it either, actually. He wasn't a sweets person. And yet I still planned to spend my life with him). My non-cake eating friend does have a weakness for cookies, however, and I have been telling him I would make him cranberry-orange-oatmeal cookies for almost a year now. All he had to do was give me the butter he had in his freezer. I have lost count of how many times one or the other of us has forgotten the butter. When I gave him the cookies, I told him they probably would have turned out better if I had had butter to put in them (yes, I put butter in them).

Thursday, I was thinking about making the cookies and it dawned on me that not long after school started, I ordered some cookie dough from a student at one of the middle schools and never received it. I knew the order had been placed as my check had cleared the bank. I also know it takes time for these orders to come in. So, I called the school to find out when the cookie dough would be arriving. Turns out, it arrived on October 10th. Which means this student has had more than enough time to deliver it. The lady in the budget office told me she would track down the student and get back to me as to why it was never delivered.

I got a mesasge this morning in which Budget Lady apologized on behalf of the student and said that the student would be delivering my cookie dough tonight around 6:00 (it is now 7:16) and asked that I call tomorrow if I don't get it. So, that is why when the UPS man came at 6:15, I thought it was my cookie dough.

At this point, I don't care if I get the student in trouble. This is a lesson in responsibility and I am not impressed with her level of it. There were three girls that came to my house-one was nice; two were rather snooty. If she does ever arrive, I do plan to ask her why I had to call the school and have them track down my cookie dough, why she didn't deliver it and if she was ever planning to. I realize that by today's standards, that makes me an uncaring bitch. I don't care. Back when I was in school (again, when did I get old enough to be using phrases that start with back when I...) we NEVER would have gotten away with this. This is also my second non-delivery experience. Several years ago, I ordered cookie dough from a co-worker on behalf of her daughter. The co-worker was laid off and none of us got our cookie dough. And she lived less than a mile from me, but I couldn't remember which house. So, I am a bit touchy about it. Of course if she apologizes right away, I will probably just cave.

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