Saturday, November 28, 2009


When you suffer a profound loss, it is so easy to let that become the focal point of your life. And as a result, it is easy to lose sight of all the things that are still good. No, this is not how my life would be going if I wrote the script but there are still so many good things in my life.

I am thankful that I had 8 years with James.

I am thankful for the relationship we had-for seeing what real love is like so I will be able to recognize it again.

I am thankful James talked me into getting Sammy and Charlie. They are the center of my world.

I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I have such a great support network.

I am thankful that I have made a good friend who (unfortunately) "gets it." That friendship has helped me so much over the last year.

I am thankful that in these tough economic times, I have a job working for a company I love.

I am thankful to have such awesome co-workers, who are more than that-they are good friends as well.

I am thankful that I am able to keep my roof over my head and my bills paid. I am thankful also that I have reliable transportation.

I am thankful that I am too stubborn to give in when all I want to do is throw in the towel.

I am thankful my parents instilled in me that I can do anything I set my mind to. (Okay-there are some moments I really hate them for that). I am also thankful that this mindset gives me the determination to plow through when I get frustrated.

I am thankful for my sense of humor.

I am thankful for the practical things my parents taught me: how to check my oil, my tire pressure and how to make chocolate chip cookies.

I am thankful the one "boy chore" James taught me was how to change the air filter in the heater/air conditioning unit.

I am thankful to live near a big city that allows me to experience a wide variety of events that you don't find in small towns.

I am thankful for my small town upbringing. I wouldn't change that for anything.

I am thankful for the freedom to both do the things I enjoy and to try new things.

I am thankful I chose to go to college and that I joined Alpha Gamma Delta even though I was unsure of the whole sorority thing. The strides I made there helped paved the way for who I am today.

I am thankful my now dear friend took a chance on the girl from Idaho and hired me for my first job when I graduated. It put me on the path to meet James.

I am thankful that 10 years ago, when James asked if I wanted to spend New Year's Eve with a bunch of people I didn't know, I said yes, even though he broke all my "rules."

I am thankful for the knowledge that what I think I want and what is meant to be are not necessarily the same thing (maybe I could be a cougar...).

I am thankful for my opportunities and my accomplishments whether they are big or small.

I am thankful for the little moments that make life great.

I am thankful that I am able to realize how much I have to be thankful for.

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