Monday, November 30, 2009

Painting Project #3: in photos

After deciding I was going to do it about 6 months ago, I have finally painted our bedroom. I haven't been able to get the right light for the color to show up properly, but I now have the purple bedroom I have always wanted. I have decided to do the pictures and my thoughts on it separately.

The room has vaulted ceilings, a weird shelf thing (aka "the alcove,") and really heavy furniture.

So many choices...

The winner: "Guardian Angel," by Olympic. It is the one with writing on it and this is the only picture you can really tell it is purple even though it is still off.

Bed in the bathroom. It fits so nicely in there.

Ready to paint. I moved all the furniture myself. That was stupid.

The boys staying out of my way-for once.

You can see the new color on the left-much brighter even after one coat than the old.

Sammy decided to "help" after all by snuggling up against the wall.

I don't know how Charlie got paint all over his ear. Nor do I want to.

My room put back together-except for the TV. And it really is purple.

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