Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on the Exploding Cup

Yesterday when I got home from work I checked my front porch to see if my friend dropped off some cookies for me. She tried a new recipe from a book I lent her and I guess the cookies are pretty good. There were no cookies on my door step, which was a bummer as it was definitely a cookie sort of day.

As I was heating up my dinner, it occurred to me that I should have received my replacement cup. That was not out there either. Since the lady who took the order made it clear she didn't really care to get my address correct, I figured there was a good chance it was delivered to our old address and toyed with the idea of going to see if they got it.

The cup was waiting on porch when I got home today. Still no cookies though. I opened the box to find another box with the words "Vic" and "mug" on it. I thought "please let that mean it was packed by Vic and not that this is a mug from the Victoria set." It's a mug from the Victoria set. I do not have the Victoria set. I have what used to be called the Milano set, but is now the Venice set.

So, tomorrow I will call again to see about getting a replacement cup for the one that exploded. I am hoping they will let me keep the Victoria cup. I am sure my mother wouldn't object to me sending her a spare cup for her set.

On the plus side, at least they sent it to the right house.

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