Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another day, another rodent

I never thought rodents would become a recurring theme, but that seems to be the case this week. And it really is a sign that I need to get a life if this is the best I can come up with. At least today's rodent wasn't at my house.

On May 5th, my co-worker announced that we had a mouse running around the office. I remember it was the 5th because I had a complete meltdown that day and in between sobs told my boss if the mouse appeared in my office I was going home. I have been battling them for longer than I care to admit and quite frankly, I have had my fill. So, after LH told us about the mouse, my boss went and got some traps. A couple of days later, he told us he caught two mice. And that was that.

Until Monday. LT took last Friday off and when she came back Monday noticed a piece of garbage on the floor of her office. She discovered that it was one of those Kahlua filled chocolates, which wasn't hers. A mouse had chewed through the wrapper, put a hole in the chocolate and sucked out all the Kahlua. Of course, we all think it is hysterical that we have an alcoholic mouse running around. I do want to know where the mouse found chocolate though. No one ever seems to have any when I am on the hunt.

This morning, LT tells us she found the mouse. It was in her office in a shopping bag. Thinking she meant a plastic bag, I asked her if she tied it up. She said no. I said "it is going to escape." She says she isn't going to tie it up and that I should do it. I said "fine. I'll tie it up. It's not like I haven't had enough of these little suckers." So, she, LH and I go to her office and she tosses one of those reusable bags on her desk and tells me to have at it. So, I take a step forward, a little head pops out of the bag, apparently jumped off the desk and darted down the hall. Man, can those things move! (In hindsight, he probably didn't appreciate being tossed around like that). I only saw the head pop up and the mouse dart by. We do the girl thing and scream. Meanwhile, one of the guys in the warehouse is trying to talk to LT through our inter-company speakerphone system. We ignore him and go out into the hall. My boss is coming down the hall, looking very concerned and two other co-workers are with him. They had been in the breakroom, heard us screaming and came to see what the commotion was. One of them said it sounded like someone was being stabbed. The three of us are now laughing hysterically while trying to tell them the mouse went down the hall at the same time. Meanwhile, the guy in the warehouse is still trying to get LT's attention. So she finally yells "Not now!" at him.

We found the mouse in my boss's office. He calmly opened the peanut butter and baited a couple of traps. We tell him not to use peanut butter; the mouse likes Kahlua. He was probably thinking he would have liked some Kahlua about then too. Another co-worker is telling us we should have just stomped on it (real life "whack-a-mole" comes to mind). Apparently, that method works. Let's just leave it at that.

Ah yes, just another fun-filled day at the office. I'm really hoping tomorrow is much less eventful and rodent-free. If nothing else, at least it is finally Friday.

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Sari said...

Alcoholic mouse!?!? LMAO!