Friday, May 22, 2009

At lunch until Tuesday

I am happy to announce my day has been rodent-free. My boss said he got another one overnight, however. It really irks me that he sets traps and the mice walk right into them but when I set traps, they just take a new path. Oh well. Alpha Ecological re-baited my traps so in theory, I should live blissfully mouse free for awhile.

Yesterday had the excitement of the mouse and the "we are only here because we have to be" feel of the last day of school. Today, on the other hand, was very quiet as we all tried to pack in everything that needed to be done today and Monday. We were also hoping the owner would close up shop early so we were trying to be really productive this morning in an attempt to make that happen. Sadly, we were not successful.

I had a project that I was originally supposed to do next week. I was asked yesterday if I could get it done today instead. It is my least favorite monthly task, so I was looking forward to working on anything else today. I got it done, and it is kind of nice to not have that waiting for me on Tuesday. I ran into a problem, however. I could not get my two summaries to match and they should. Because I was bound and determined to get it to my boss, I ended up not taking a lunch break. I wasn't really hungry anyway, which was odd. Finally, I found my error and finished the project. And then I asked if I could leave since I didn't go to lunch and there was only an hour left of my day. So, technically, I clocked out for lunch at 3:00, and will be on my lunch break until 7:00 Tuesday morning. Wouldn't it be nice if lunch breaks really worked that way?

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