Monday, May 18, 2009

This was weird and kind of creepy

(Disclaimer: I got very little sleep last night so this might not be coherent).

One of my great-grandfathers was named John (Giovanni) Fromia. So was his brother. Original, I know. Their father was also John Fromia. The brothers had different middle names; my great-grandfather was Giovanni Maria Fromia. Originally from Italy, the brothers John immigrated to New York in the early 1900's.

Recently, I discovered the index for Naturalizations that took place in New York. Two John Fromias were listed. Of course, the middle initials were not listed. That would be too easy. So, I requested them both. Friday, I was about to delete my spam when I saw the subject of one of the e-mails was "Fromia Naturalization." It turns out the two records I requested were both for my great-grandfather (yea!)-one was the Declaration of Intent; the other was the Naturalization form. The e-mail stated that the archivist was snail mailing a hard copy as well.

The papers arrived today. Sure enough, it was the same paperwork she had e-mailed me for John Fromia. Here is where it gets weird and kind of creepy, but also intriguing. The cover letter stated she was enclosing the paperwork I requested for John Fromia, and my other great-grandfather, Lionel W K G***. The weird thing about this is I did not request Lionel's paperwork. I already have it. She only enclosed John's paperwork.

Thinking I was ordering records for the two John Fromias, I sent two self-addressed stamped envelopes. One came back today (obviously). I am really curious to see if the other one comes back tomorrow-and what's in it.


Sari said...

OK that's weird. Be sure and let us know what arrives.

Heather said...

All I got in the mail today was a solicitation to order the Kiplinger Tax letter. Boring!