Friday, May 8, 2009

Today's memory brought to you by Alan Jackson

I grew up in a household where country music was pretty much banned. There was no discussion as to why, this is just how it was and we just went with it.

When I went to college, I lived in a sorority with several women that loved country music. After months of hearing it come from their rooms, I realized that I actually liked it, much to the utter disgust of my father and brother. I am not a total disgrace, however. I don't like the old school twangy crap, just the modern "new" country of the '90's and today.

One of my favorite country songs is "Chatahoochie" by Alan Jackson. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I cannot help but join in when he gets to the part that goes "I settled for a burger and a grape Sno-cone; dropped her off early but I didn't go home." This is especially bad when I am out in public since, as my best friend's dad once put it, I cannot carry a tune in a bucket even if someone puts it in the bucket for me. James finally decided I am completely tone deaf. (This is why I don't watch American Idol). James on the other hand could sing. He lettered in choir in high school. I never sang much before him. Unfortunately for him, I sang a lot when we were together.

One night, he was at his computer doing his thing, and I was at mine doing my thing. I had my MP3s on random and "Chatahoochie" came on and I sang it from beginning to end. When the song ended James said "hunh. You finally learned the rest of the words." I was confused by this. He thought that since I always joined in at the same point, I just didn't know what came before it. I told him that I've always known the words, that was just the point where I could no longer contain myself. The next several times it came on, or I played it on purpose, I started in from the beginning, just to prove I really do know all the words.

The song came on today at work. Recalling this memory made me laugh. And, yes, I did join in. Quietly though-my co-workers have to listen to me jabber on all day. They deserve not to have to hear me sing too.

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Sari said...

LOL That's a cute story. I can't sing worth a crap either, but don't you love how the shower makes your singing sound better?