Monday, May 4, 2009

Days like today

It is days like today that make me really appreciate what it was like to have someone to come home to. Today started out like any other Monday. I got up, stumbled around the house, managed to make myself look somewhat presentable and headed off to work.

This morning was like any other Monday. We did the "how was your weekend?" thing, complained about how slow our system was, set about our tasks, and complained some more about how slow are system is. Our system really is that slow. And not just on Mondays.

Then, this afternoon, things became unusual. Our server needed to be re-started and was only going to be down for 5 minutes. Half an hour later, we weren't back up so I decided to go to lunch. I had an errand to run and I knew I was going to be cutting it close to get it done in an hour. I made it back with 4 minutes to spare, thank you very much. But, the system was still down so I took my time eating my lunch and addressing envelopes to request a couple of genealogy records. While I was eating, my friend called to tell me that we had been asked to leave our bunco group. This is a newly formed group that basically consists of two separate groups of people that are connected by a single person. Apparently, the other side doesn't like that some of us get annoyed when we start playing over an hour after we are scheduled to start and they don't want us to play anymore. I've never been kicked out of something before that I can think of, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. James would have thought it was funny though. I am pretty shy around new people and I was just starting to warm up to the others. Oh well, we'll just start our own group.

I got off the phone in time to hear that we were going to be down for at least 2 more hours. So, basically until the end of the work day. My co-worker and I decided that we were going to make ourselves useful so we asked if we could work out in the warehouse. We then spent over an hour repackaging microphones before being told we could return to our regular jobs. Amazingly, after being down for so long, I could still remember what I was doing before we lost the server. And, even though I did not touch any sharp objects out in the warehouse, I still managed to cut my finger. I'm just talented like that.

It may not sound like much, but it was a departure from my normal routine and that is the type of thing I could never wait to get home to tell James about. I can have the conversation in my head, but I hate not having him here to share with the seemingly little things that you tend to take for granted.

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Sari said...

Jeez, Heather, getting kicked out of bunco? You're such a rebel. LOL

I know what you mean though, I so wish I could call Joe and tell him things like all that. I imagine what he'd tell me ("It'll be alright, babe") or he'd laugh...

I always took for granted what a simple pleasure it is to be able to share your day with someone.