Friday, May 29, 2009

So much for the strawberries

Yesterday, I came home at lunch to let the dogs out. Since it was a nice day, I went outside with them and wandered around the yard while they did their thing. I glanced over and saw Sammy sniffing the strawberries. Before I could say anything, he took a bite out of one and then started to lick another.

I told him to "leave it," which was really more for his amusement than anything. But, he did leave that one alone and started licking another instead. So, I went over there, told him "no," and shooed him away. He went over and investigated the lemon cucumber plant but found that boring and went back inside.

This morning when I let them out, I went over and inspected the strawberry plant to see if any of them were ripe yet, other than the one Sammy sampled, of course. I found that 1/2 of every strawberry that was almost ready to be picked (all 4 of them) had been eaten. Looks like someone had a late night snack last night when Mom wasn't looking. On the plus side, at least it was a healthy snack. And, it's been a week and I haven't killed the plant yet, so there's still a chance I will get a strawberry or two too.

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Sari said...

LOL! Naughty Sammy. My dogs and cats seem to like my lemongrass plant, so don't feel bad.