Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Just us kids"

There's a video clip circulating around the Internet of Joe Cocker singing (if you want to call that singing) "I Get By with a Little Help From My Friends" at Woodstock in 1969. I realize that is probably not the exact title of the song, but right now I am too lazy to Google it. Someone has captioned it with alternative words that he could be singing. This got me thinking about songs in which I have always sung the wrong words, which is known as lyricosis.

About two years ago, I learned that Carly Simon was actually singing "some underworld spy, or the wife of a close friend," not "someone who would spy on the wife of a close friend." And even though I know the line in "Chatahoochie" goes "in the pale moonlight," I always sing "in the pale blue light." I'm not sure why. I think in my head, the pyramid of cans must give off a blue reflection. Turns out Elton John's Bennie has electric boots, not electric boobs. And, who out there has not thought it was the "secret Asian man" at one time or another?

Today I realized that for years I have been singing Garth Brooks "Papa Loved Mama" wrong. It dawned on me that "Papa came home and it was just us kids." I always thought it was "just askids." I'm listening to it now and it sounds like "askids." I don't even know if that is a real word and I never thought that made sense. Now I know why.

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