Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent #13: Holiday Travel

As a child, we never traveled over the holidays. There just wasn't anywhere for us to go. We could have gone to New York or Nevada to see one of my grandmothers, but it really wasn't feasible. I don't remember Dad getting a lot of time off around that time of the year.

After my parents divorced and Mom left the state, my brother and I spent Christmases with Dad and our evil step-mother. Some years our step-brothers came to visit over the holidays but that was it. We talked to Mom on the phone and didn't spend Christmas with her again until I was in college. She and my (then) step-father came to visit and it was a disaster that ended with my brother and I threatening to run away and have Christmas dinner by ourselves in a restaurant. And we were being the mature ones.

It is hard not to be around family at Christmas. I looked at going home this year, but with airfare and boarding the dogs, I was looking at about $500 to only be there for 2 1/2 days. I just couldn't justify that. Whether or not there is travel involved, I am hopeful this is the last time I will be alone on Christmas day.

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Sari said...

Split families are doubly difficult around the holidays, so I hear ya on that one. I'm sorry you're alone this year. I would invite you over to my mom's with me, but airfare to Florida is probably more than you would spend going to your family's, LOL. I hope you have a good day with your boys.