Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now this I can live with...

Every now and then, just for grins, I like to check my horoscope. I go through phases. The last phase ended because it always had to do with watching my money or something to do with getting ahead at work. Even my love horoscope said to watch my money. Talk about boring and not the least bit useful.

Today I saw a headline on Yahoo that said "What your astrological sign says for 2010." The little blurb under it read: "Get your horoscope's predictions for your career and love life in the coming year. Are changes ahead?"

Well, that's what I want to know. Are changes ahead? So, I clicked on it. The romantic outlook for Capricorn for 2010 is:

"Your love life can be in one of three positions in the next year: single, in a relationship, or in a committed relationship. Regardless of where you find your status this year, there will be change, and it will likely be for the better. (Um, I don't see how it could get much worse). If you're single and looking, there are a couple of windows of opportunity this year to change that. Forces are coming together to make April and September to November this year prime time for you to either find someone, or (even better!) for someone to find you. (Sounds like Hide 'n Seek. Ready or not, here I am!) Even if you are in a relationship during those periods, you can expect the romance to get a little better. (Ooh la la).

If you're already in a relationship, May and June mark a time when the love and warmth will be ramped up. If there has been any distancing or difficulties in your love life, it will be an excellent time for the two of you to sit down and truly hear each other out, and do the work to make things stronger.

And if 2010 finds you in a committed, long-term relationship -- hang on to your hat! (I could be committed by the end of 2010-in more ways than one. Not sure white is my color though. I'm pretty pale). Two eclipses in 2010 will make for major shifts in your relationship, both of which have been building for a while. January is the first: watch for changes in your relationship that come to a head in July, when the second eclipse comes into play. If you want to move your relationship to a new degree of closeness and/or commitment, July will be the time to make your move. (So, start something in January; ramp it up in July. Got it).

Even though I don't actually put much stock in my horoscope, I like that this is at least positive news (for once). So, for even more grins, I decided to see what my love horoscope for today is. It is:

"Stop trying to be author of your romantic fate -- let the universe kick in and lend a hand. Not only will you end up somewhere surprising, but you'll also start to have much more fun when you surrender control."

I found this amusing and ironic as yesterday I was trying to decide whether or not to delete my profile on OK! Cupid-to stop trying and just focus on having fun for awhile. I do have some skepticism about this, however. Anyone who really knows anything about Capricorns knows that one of us surrendering control of anything is not all that likely to happen. I wouldn't even let James run the remote on TV night. (We TIVO'd everything during the week and watched all our shows on Thursday evening). And Hawaii would be a really nice surprising place to end up. On a cliff overlooking the ocean at sunset, in the presence of a ukulele player. Not that I am trying to control anything, of course. It is merely a suggestion.

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