Thursday, December 24, 2009

Advent #18: Stockings

The stockings are hung above the couch with great care
Because try as he might Charlie can't reach them there.

Growing up, we always had stockings. They were filled with the usual holiday trinkets and candy and my brother and I would always investigate them when we got up. The gifts were usually wrapped so we still had to wait to really see what was in them, but we would dump them out and try to guess what the little packages were. As we got older, the stockings usually included a tangerine, candy, a couple of small items and one larger item-one year for me, that was the Kylie Minogue cassette I really wanted.

For the last couple of years, my mother-in-law has sent stockings filled with treats for the boys. The first year was an applique stocking for both of them. Last year, they each got their own. Last year, when I was decorating, they realized they can pull the appliques off their stocking, so this year, when I was decorating and saw they had gotten a hold of it, I put it up on the wall above the love seat so they couldn't reach it. Not that it has stopped Charlie from trying!

Since I have several stockings, I decided to put them all up this year. I have never done this before and I really like the way my living room looks with stockings all over it.

James' stocking. I cross-stitched his name and Santa and sewed that on there. It isn't pretty up-close and I never did get around to making mine.

Last year's stockings for the boys. My grandma made the rabbit.

I got this one several years ago from a (now former) co-worker. It had a gift in it.

Can't remember where this one came from.

I have had this one for a long time. It is in the front entryway.

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