Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've created a monster!

Okay, so maybe I haven't exactly created a monster yet, but I could be getting close. I definitely have a new obsession with painting the house. Now that the bathroom is done, and I absolutely love it, I have decided the upstairs hallway looks shabby and needs to be painted as well. Project purple bedroom is still in the works as well. The paint samples have now made it too the dining table. I am tentatively thinking 4th of July weekend for that project.

There is a catch to painting the hallway. Due to the layout of my entryway, I cannot safely paint it without a scaffold and even with all my harebrained ideas, I am smart enough to not even attempt to go there. Luckily, the entryway is not a bad color:

Looking down from the half wall at the top of the stairs
The windows are above and to the right of the front door

I didn't feel like taking new pictures but these should suffice to get the gist of it. The challenge is that the color I decide to paint the hallway has to look good with both the yellow of the entryway and the newly painted green bathroom. I am thinking along the lines of tan or sand-something in the light brown family. My friend suggested orange-I think she was kidding. Hard to tell with text messages. So, today at lunch I headed up to Lowe's and picked up a bazillion more paint samples in both browns and oranges.

A lot of the house was painted just before we moved in so this should be all that I feel an obsessive need to paint, but somehow I doubt it. Maybe after this I will be content to go back to birdhouses. I have a bunch of those that need to be painted too.

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Rick said...

I like the sand color or slightly darker. Mine is a yellow and when the sun reflects its nice and warm plus it REALLY brightens the area!! Those are some high walls you have there. At least a latter will be needed.
Good luck with your paint job!!!