Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Last Comic Standing

I am not a reality show junkie. I get enough reality out of life and the news. I watch TV to escape and of course, to see my beloved Braves. That being said, however, I am a fan of The Apprentice/"Celebrity" Apprentice and Last Comic Standing.

Now that all the regular programming is finished for the season and the summer shows are about to start, I decided to look and see when Last Comic Standing was coming back on the air. James and I both enjoyed/enjoy a good stand up routine, so this is a show we watched together. We went to the local comedy club here a few times and while living in Arizona, went to a few shows at The Improv in Tempe, the best being the time he surprised me with tickets to see Kevin Pollak. I actually ruined the surprise, but I did it on purpose so he would see what it felt like since he managed to ruin pretty much every surprise I tried to plan for him. We still had fun though and after that he did make an effort to stop ruining my surprises.

We started to watch Last Comic Standing at the beginning of season 2. All season long, I was torn between John Heffron and Alonzo Boden and James would just shake his head as I debated who to vote for. I was happy that John won, but was torn down to the very last vote. When season 3 aired as the "Battle of the Best" between the stars of seasons 1 and 2, we were glad we didn't watch season 1 because we felt the season 2 comics were a lot better. We actually saw several of the season 2 comics at The Improv. Unfortunately, their acts were pretty much the same as what was on TV, so we had already heard most of the material, but Alonzo Boden is much funnier in person. I was glad he won season 3, and to this day think it is totally unfair NBC refused to air the final episode.

When season 4 aired in the summer of 2006, we were back up here. The Tempe Improv is one of the places they hold auditions. After the auditions there were finished I turned to James and told him that everytime they panned the audience, I was searching for people I knew. He started laughing and I thought he thought I was just being my silly self until he admitted he had been doing the same thing. Neither of us saw anyone we knew.

James lost interest with season 5 but I stuck it out despite not thinking any of the comics were really that funny. (I was hoping they'd get better. Sadly, they did not). Last year was the first season I had to watch it alone and there were several times I found myself turning towards James' empty spot on the couch to make comments about the jokes.

According to Wikipedia, the show has been cancelled. I'm okay with that for a couple of reasons: first, it wasn't a true amateur contest and I felt it should have been and it just isn't the same without James laughing (or not) on the couch next to me still scanning for people we know when the auditions are held in Tempe.

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Rick said...

We would watched that show also, I believe either season 1 or 2 with my wife. We also tuned into The Apprentice, The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars. It can be VERY difficult watching some of the shows by yourself that you watched as a couple. Your a VERY strong women!!!

Go Braves!!