Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The results are in


I got the call when I was at PetCo getting food and a new poop bag holder for the little darlings. At first I thought I misheard as there was a bit of static on the phone when she said "so, no cancer." I thought she said "so, it's cancer." I hesitantly asked if she said cancer or no cancer and she said "no cancer. Benign." I am so relieved and also numb at the same time. Sammy and I did a happy dance when I got home while Charlie just bounced around us.

Thank you all so much for the warm thoughts and prayers!!


Tracy said...

Oh I am so glad. What a relief!

Rick said...


Celebrate!! Sometimes to enjoy good times we need to experience a low, unfortunately, but man it feels good doesn't it!!!

Steph said...

Yea, Heather! That's great news.

Sari said...

Yay!!! Now tell his naughty butt to stop scaring his mommy like that!

Shannon said...

Amen to finally someone with no freakin' cancer!!!!! Go celebrate!