Monday, June 15, 2009

Update on Sammy

First of all, a HUGE thank you to Sara and Rick for your kind words and thoughts. I truly appreciate it.

My boys are the most important thing in my life and as they are most likely the only "kids" I am going to have, I do overcompensate where they are concerned, for which I make no apologies. These are my babies. These were OUR babies that we picked out together, that we raised together for the first 5+ years of their lives (they are now 6 1/2). They are a link to my life with James.

The vet's office called when I was on my way to the counselor. Surprisingly, it did not alarm me that it was one of the vets and not a technician. She told me that as can be the case with fine needle aspirations due to the smaller amount of cells that are taken out, the results were inconclusive. They are, however, concerned about the mix of red and white blood cells found in the sample. Their recommendation is to have it removed and analyzed further in case it is something malignant and for the peace of mind if it is due to an infection of some sort caused by some unknown trauma, like say a puncture wound. When I first found the lump, my gut instinct was to have it removed so on Friday night, Sammy will be undergoing surgery to have this done. I am not thrilled about having to wait so long to know something definitive, but I chose to have the surgery done Friday so I will have all weekend to keep an eye on him. Right now, I am eerily calm. I am sure I will do a lot of freaking out between now and Friday. Of course it helped I was on the way to the counselor and I had someone to talk to right after I got off the phone.

On the plus side, they actually called my cell phone for once.


Rick said...

I hear that this is a common thing with dogs. I will keep poor Sammy it my prayers for you! Pets are a huge part of our family. Our cat was Maxine's best friend at home.

Anytime I can leave words of hope and caring, I will in a heartbeat!!

((Heather and Sammy))

Tracy said...

I'm a little late on this, but am sending good thoughts and prayers for little Sammy. I know all will be well.

Heather said...

Thank you both. Earlier this evening, I found 2 more lumps so I am going to make an appointment for after work tomorrow to see about having those removed at the same time. They are not in the same place as the first one-there is one on each side near his armpits/shoulders and one on his stomach. This took the freaking out to a whole new level but I am blessed to have a great friend who just spent an hour on the phone with me while I cried and talked about anything and everything else to distract me.