Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sammy's fine, Sammy's fine, Sammy's fine

Maybe if I repeat it enough times, I will actually believe it. Sammy's fine. Don't freak out over nothing-Sammy is fine.

Thursday afternoon, right before my brother got here, I discovered a lump near Sammy's right shoulder. It's about the size of a dime, but I have never felt it before. Charlie has a squishy lump that the vets are not overly concerned about-they are at an age where fatty tumors are not uncommon-but Sammy's isn't as squishy. So, yesterday, I called the vet's office and made an appointment for this afternoon.

As I was arriving, the vet who owns the clinic was just leaving, but since he has known Sammy literally since birth, he took a look at it. He recommended a fine needle aspiration (biopsy), but he tends to be aggressive and performed the exam in the parking lot so I thanked him for looking Sam over and headed inside.

The vet that performed the inside exam assured me that it is most likely a fatty tissue but recommended the biopsy as well, not knowing that I had received the same advice already. This is the vet that always tells me to just keep an eye on things and whose attitude towards me has told me on more than one occasion that in his opinion, I am an overly paranoid puppy mom. Although I do think highly of his vet skills, I still try to avoid seeing him since I don't think so highly of his human skills.

So, I had the biopsy done. The results should be back Monday or Tuesday. I am trying really hard to listen to the little voice that is telling me to relax, that everything will be okay, it always is. But the "but what if it's not?" voice is much louder. They have seen Charlie several times and have always been dismissive about his lump which only adds to my concerns about Sammy.

Sammy's fine. Sammy's fine. Sammy's fine. He has to be. I can't lose him too.


Sari said...

It's probably nothing, although I understand why you worry. *IF* it is something, and that's a BIG IF, it's small, so it would probably just be surgically removed and all better. Hang on to the hope. (P.S. My dogs are lumpy and bumpy too.)

Heather said...

Thanks Sara. I know you are probably right, but I tend to think the worst (okay, "tend to" is putting it mildly). I didn't sign up to have to deal with the scary stuff alone!

Rick said...

It is natural to worry. You are VERY close to your precious pups. They are your family and by the sounds of it, "IF" it is anything, you caught it pretty early!! I am sure it is nothing.

Hang in there!!!

((HUGS)) for you and your cuties