Monday, June 29, 2009

Our glasses

When James and I got the dogs, we had been together for just under 2 years. We had the account at the vet's office set up as James & Heather R/G. Actually, it was supposed to be James R. and Heather G., but they messed it up and we just left it that way. After he passed away, they removed him from the account, but that upset me, so the boys' "girlfriend" put him back on.

When I took Sammy in on Friday, they were out of the medicine I need for his yeast infection, so the vet wrote a prescription for me to take to the "people pharmacy," as he called it. The prescription was written out for R/G, Sammy (Dog). Earlier today I dropped the prescription off at the pharmacy I usually use. She looked it over and asked if R/G was the last name. I said it was but she could use either name since we were both in the system. She did some typing and asked if I was Heather. I confirmed I was and she asked "Then who's Charlie?"

"That would be the other dog." I replied. "I knew one of them was in the system, but couldn't remember which one it was."

The pharmacy has a clear plastic box for donating used glasses to the Lion's Club. While she finished processing Sammy's prescription, I happened to glance over at it and noticed several pairs of glasses were in there. It's usually empty so I thought "Oh, someone donated glasses." And then it dawned on me. That "someone" was me. About a month ago, I had to pick up a prescription for myself and I took all 3 pairs of James' glasses and a pair of mine and dropped them off.

I wasn't upset to see them there; however, I didn't expect them to still be there so it just caught me off-guard and I felt myself go to my numb place. I know that as we changed prescriptions and got new glasses, I would have donated our old ones anyway and I think that is what kept me from having a strong emotional reaction, although I did have a moment where I was tempted to ask if I could have his newest pair back. If they are still there the next time I go in however, I am going to ask how much longer they will be there so I am not caught off-guard again.

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Rick said...

I can't believe the glasses are still there? I was thinging about doing the saw with Maxine's glasses. To try and help others with what she had.