Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photography Assignment #1

On Friday evening, I found myself thinking that maybe I should do my homework for photography class. I decided to take Charlie's ball outside and have him chase it for the action shots. After that, we came back inside so I could take some pictures in portrait mode. Saturday afternoon after my volunteer project, I took the still life pictures playing with the different ISO settings. I took several pictures of my Japanese Maple but didn't really notice a difference. I did notice a difference with the tall thing with orange flowers, however. (It came with the house. I only plant things I know the names of). I also took a couple more action shots of Charlie and his ball.

I'm starting with the plants because that was the first part of the assignment:
"Plant" mode-settings "chosen" by camera

Differences in ISO. Notice the bottom one has too much light.

Part 2 of the assignment: pictures taken in "portrait" mode:


My favorite

Sammy's bored with this.

Charlie loves his ball!

Part 3: "Action" mode shots:

I love his floppy ears

I absolutely LOVE this picture.

I had fun taking these despite how down I felt after the first class. I also realized that the despair I felt then was about more than not being about to go home and take pictures of my family. In this class, I am Heather-just another student. No one knows my story-I am anonymous. I am not the girl whose fiance died. As much as I still love James, there are times when I need to be more than that. It is part of moving forward. The pictures are going to tell my story. But the story I hope they will tell is not that I am the girl without a family, but that I am the girl who has really cute dogs.


Shannon said...

Really nice pictures! Your dogs/kids are adorable! I say kids. Before I had kids, I had a white German Shepherd "Alaska". I LOVED that dog. He was my "son". I even bought my mom a shirt that said, "Ask me about my granddog!" I was 30 and didn't think I would ever have kids! Ha! Anyhoo! I love the flowers, and the dogs. You are so going to get a A+. You go girl!

Rick said...

Those are GREAT photo's!!
Keep moving forward, it will get better!!

Sari said...

Love the pics, especially the floppy ears one. You're doing great!