Monday, June 15, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

I need to post something happy today as well.

James was a fountain of pop culture trivia. It truly was amazing. You could name a line from a movie or lyrics from a song and he knew exactly what you were talking about. We used to joke it was his "gift."

This gift came in handy since I have a habit of getting a line or two from a song stuck in my head and not being able to figure out what song it is. I would often tell him "I have a song stuck in my head. I know it's by so and so but I can't think of what it is," or "I have a song stuck in my head and part of it goes like ....." I couldn't just sing it for him because I really can't carry a tune and in some instances that just made it worse. The other instance was I knew the song, but not the artist. Those were the easy ones. There was only one song he couldn't figure out, and that was "Bring Me to Life," by Evanescence, a song it turns out he was actually not familiar with. At least not when I was trying to figure it out. Once I figured it out, he became quite familiar with it.

The best was when I would tell him that I had a song stuck in my head and I didn't know the title or artist. I was always amazed that he knew exactly what I was talking about, which I do think is a testament as to how in tune he was to my crazy little head. My favorite though had him stumped for about a half an hour. All I could remember was it had the line "who's your daddy?," was from the 60's or 70's and was played at the end of an episode of "Friends." I couldn't even remember the tune for this one and wanted to download it. He was actually exasperated that I expected him to just tell me what it was based on that information. However, he was also not one to back down from a challenge and threw out a few songs. They weren't it and he gave up and we went back to doing our own thing.

A while later, he asked me incredulously if I was talking about "Time of the Season" by the Zombies. As a matter of fact, yes I was. I knew he'd figure it out. Of course a couple of days later, he wished he hadn't and finally asked if I wouldn't play it again for at least a week. A request with which I happily complied since I now knew the song and could play it whenever I wanted, which is what I am doing right now.

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Rick said...

Great little story!!

Maxine use to do the same thing with me with 80's music, but James has me beat!!

By the sounds of it, you and James had a GREAT relationship!! Always keep him in your heart!!