Friday, June 19, 2009

Why settle for 1, when you can have 12?

When the alarm clock went off yesterday morning, I was nowhere near ready to get out of bed. As I tried to maneuver around the dogs to turn off the alarm clock, I wished I had a servant that I could just send to work in my place so I could go back to sleep. At lunchtime, as I was getting ready to go run a couple of errands, I told my co-workers that I had woken up wishing I had a servant to go to work for me and that could also run my errands while they were at it.

I came home today at lunch and found this flyer on my front door:

I just wanted one servant to go to work for me and run a couple of measly errands. Imagine how much could get done with 12 servants!

Servant 1 goes to work.
Servant 2 does laundry.
Servant 3 does dishes and cleans the kitchen.
Servant 4 cleans the bathrooms.
Servant 5 vacuums and dusts.
Servant 6 mows the lawn.
Servant 7 pulls the weeds.
Servant 8 goes grocery shopping.
Servant 9 organizes the computer room and back bedroom.
Servant 10 paints the hallway.
Servants 11 and 12 paint the bedroom.

And while the servants are doing all the boring responsible stuff, I will happily spend time on my hobbies, all of which are time-consuming, without feeling guilty that I am not doing all the boring responsible stuff. Ah, that would be nice, wouldn't it?

When the alarm clock goes off tomorrow, I am going to wish for someone tall, dark and handsome.


Sari said...

All that sounds good, Heather, but I'm thinking you need to consolidate a few servants. Remember you need massages, pedicures on-demand, and a personal chef. Oh, and someone to work out for you too. :)

Heather said...

That's just the first round of assignments. I am sure I will find plenty to keep them busy. :o)