Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why ask for my number if you aren't going to call it?

If you think this is a post about dating, its not. The last time a guy asked me for my phone number because he was interested in getting to know me better was in December of 1999. Yeah, that sounds like a long dry spell, but up until 16 months ago, I planned to spend the rest of my life with him so there was no need to give anyone else my number.

No, this is a silly rant about my vet's office that I am using my blog to get out of my system since I can't whine about it to James and I need to not let things that annoy me just fester. Given the number of blemishes that are lined up along my jawline, I am already stressed out enough about something I have yet to figure out.

This morning I dropped my dogs off to be groomed, or to "get naked" as I like to call it. I filled out the little form they always have me fill out and knowing I was going to be at a volunteer project most of the afternoon, put my cell phone number for them to call when the boys were done. The project was scheduled to end at 2:30; I left at 3:45. The vet's office had not called. So, I went to Costco, got the two things I needed for bunco tonight and called the vet's office. I was cheerily informed the boys had been ready to go home for "awhile."

This wouldn't be so annoying if this was the first or only time this has happened. It's annoying because it happens every single time. If I drop them off on the way to work, I leave my work number. If I have something going on like I did today, I leave my cell number. Usually, they call the house and then get snippy when I call to see if they are ready because they left me a message. I was surprised I didn't have a message when I got home; I won't be surprised if there is one waiting for me when I get to work on Monday.

Yes, this is silly and stupid. But what's the point of them having a protocol if they aren't going to follow it? I have found that since James died, my tolerance is much lower and my expectations are much higher than ever before. I think the real reason I am annoyed is because every time I drop the dogs off, I actually think they are going to call the number I have given them. At least she got the haircuts right-Sammy looks angry and Charlie looks like a chihuahua. So at least she read the really important part of the form. And I feel better for having whined about it, even though I am tempted to just delete this whole thing.


Sari said...

That is frustrating, I understand. I used to work for a vet/groomer and that did happen on occassion. I could give you a long drawn out explanation, but bottom line is, they are not calling the number you gave them. What if there had been an emergency?

You didn't ask for advice, but my suggestion is to have them make your cell # as the main number on teh account.

And/or talk to the office manager or owner.

Heather said...

Thanks Sara. I was just feeling whiny yesterday and didn't want to take it out on my bunco group. :o)

That is a good idea to make my cell # the main # though.

Rick said...

I know this frustration all too well but not with groomers!!
This is a great post!! Venting is good and we all can relate!! At least the boys look good!!!