Friday, June 12, 2009

The silly things you forget after 16 months

My brother asked me a simple question this morning: "Do you have any coffee?"

"Um, yes, but it's a year old." I replied. (Yeah, I know. I don't know why I have year old coffee either).

My brother said that it was probably still okay. Trying to be helpful, I said it had been in the freezer the whole time. He repeated it was probably okay, but not to make it if it was going to be a hassle; he would just wait until we got to the restaurant. This is where I should have taken the out and made him wait. But, no. I decided to be a good big sister and hostess and make him coffee.

I drink coffee in the form of mocha frappucinos at Starbucks. I drink these because I can't stand the taste of coffee and the wonderful barista at the Starbucks by my work knows this and has perfected making them for me so they don't taste like coffee. I would try other coffeeshops, but I am afraid they would (understandably) taste like coffee. So, while I have a coffeemaker, I don't actually use it. In 2007, I bought James one of the Cuisinart coffeemakers that grinds the beans right before it brews the coffee for Christmas. It only got used for a little over a month before he died. So, it's still pretty new which is a big reason why I still have it.

I got the coffee beans out of the freezer and realized that at this point, I don't even know what flavor they are. The flavor James really liked, the Kahlua Vanilla, was discontinued at my little ghetto Safeway right after the holidays so I had to buy him a new flavor. I do know it isn't hazelnut because he didn't like that. I put the filter in the basket, dumped the water in and realized I couldn't remember where the beans go. So, I went to the recipe book shelf to get the instruction manual. I found the manuals for every kitchen appliance except the coffeemaker. Greatly annoyed, I started to put the books back and found the maunal on top of the pile. I hate when that happens. I thumbed through it and found where the beans go.

Satifsfied that the coffee brewing was underway, I started to make a grocery list. I turned around and saw coffee and the grounds were flooding the counter. When the coffeemaker finally finished, I had quite a mess, which Charlie was "helping" me clean off the floor. Because who doesn't need a hyper-active dog with a caffeine buzz?

It took about 10 minutes to clean up the mess. The basket where the filter and grounds go was filled with coffee; the pot had about a cup's worth of sludge. So, not only did my brother still end up having to wait for coffee, he had to spend about 3o minutes smelling it. I guess I wasn't supposed to leave the lid off the pot. I probably should have refreshed my memory on that part too. (It's the iced tea maker I am supposed to leave the lid off of). I think I'll just throw out the coffee beans and the next time I have an overnight guest, I'll just run to Starbucks.

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Rick said...

This is a VERY funny post!!

I drink coffee on the weekends and green tea at work. EVERYTIME I go to make coffee for others at my house I can never remember the combination of water vs coffee, and my coffee has to be old too!!

Almost sounds like an "I Love Lucy" skit!!

Oh, then your dogs going after that..